We currently sell medical products only.
No, you will receive a ticket and a fine if caught smoking cannabis at a highly populated area like 16th Street Mall, Civic Center Park or on state (or federal) owned property. You cannot consume cannabis within 1,000 feet of a school. Find a cannabis-friendly hotel, venue, or go to a friend’s place where consumption is legal—even on a friend's front porch. Always use discretion, positively represent the cannabis community, and help us keep progressing.
If the venue says it allows cannabis consumption on site, then yes. Colorado's Clean Indoor Act prohibits on-site consumption, but many local venues sidestep and ignore this law that carries a $200-$500 dollar fine. If an event is promoted as a cannabis friendly event, you may not be able to smoke there. Know that your actions, while sanctioned by that facility, are not sanctioned by the state of Colorado.
5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood (a few hits off a joint), can result in a DUI in Colorado. You will lose your license for a year if you refuse a blood test.
No - this violates federal law. Federal Authorities allow Colorado to function without their interference, but federal laws still apply, and you should always abide by them.
Yes! Medical marijuana is legal for patients with a valid license.
Cachexia, Cancer, Chronic pain, Chronic nausea, Chron’s disease, Degenerative disc disease, Fribromyalgia, GERD, Glaucoma, Hepatitis -C, HIV/AIDS, IBS, Migraines, Neuropathy, Reflux disease, Seizure disorders/Epilepsy, and Spasmic disorders/Multiple sclerosis.
Contact our top-rated dispensary today. We offer physician recommendations and will provide you with all the information needed to guide you in becoming a legal patient in Denver, Colorado!
First collect your medical records and a valid form of identification. They must be physician-approved during your confidential, walk-in appointment. Next you will receive a signed and notarized recommendation which is to be sent for approval by the state of Colorado.
$70 card renewals and $65 fee for first-time applicants over 25 years of age. $165 fee for patients under 25, or $195 patients without medical records (not including state fees or additional taxes)
On November 6th, 2012, Colorado’s Amendment 64 passed, gaining a 55.32% majority of the 2,356,113 votes cast. On December 10th, 2012, Governor Hickenlooper signed Amendment 64, creating a task force and planting the seed for what has become America’s first legal marijuana state.
Any individual over the age of 21 from any state or country with a valid ID can purchase cannabis from one of Colorado’s licensed recreational marijuana shops. You do not need any sort of medical marijuana card or doctor’s note to enter these shops.
Colorado residents can purchase and possess up to one ounce of cannabis at a time. Out of state or country visitors may purchase a quarter ounce of marijuana at a time. In Denver, you can grow up to 6 plants of cannabis per person and 12 per house. This residential limit varies in other municipalities, so know your town or city's local laws.
Yes and no. If a recreational dispensary is for 21+, then it is permitted to co-exist with its existing medical center. The clubs will all use different inventory for recreational packaging than medical, and your recreational rights differ from medical patient rights.
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