Green Cross of Cherry Creek is a small, family operated marijuana boutique.

Since 2009, we have offered the highest-quality marijuana in Denver. All flowers are nourished throughout their life cycle and freshly harvested by one of Denver’s top master growers. Our plants are 100% organic, soil-grown and pesticide free. Our plants are grown from ETHOS GENETICS.


$120 oz Bronze Shelf
$95 ½ oz, $150 oz
Silver Shelf
$110 ½, $180 oz
Gold Shelf
$130 ½, $220 oz Platinum Shelf

All from our top-grade flower.


28 500mg CO2 cartridges for just $499!
500mg Cartridges $20


Mountain High Cbd and THC Suckers - $7 for 1, 2 for $10
Lozenges - $16 for 1, 2 for $28
CannaPunch Pucks - 2 for $45
Caramel Syrup Waffles - 2 for $45


Suns of Sativa drinks - 2 for $35
Canyon Cultivation capsules - 2 for $25
Salve - 2 for $55
Wax concentrates - 2 for $50
Shatter - 2 for $60
Oil - 2 for $70


Check out what you receive by designating us as your caregiver:

  • 2 free joints,

  • 1 500mg CO2 cartridge

  • 1st of month – free 8th of bronze shelf

  • Last of month – $70 store credit towards platinum shelf ounces

From concentrates and edibles to pre-rolls and pain salves, we are confident you will find what you are searching for. View shelf prices and filter through our abundant selection. The Team Our friendly staff is dedicated to creating a supportive wellness center. Our services include physician referrals and card renewals. We are ready to answer questions and help you obtain a medical license in Denver, Colorado. Special prices available for extended plant count patients! Follow us for the latest updates and related news.